DnD 101

Ghosties and Beasties

We left town today, having scoured the place for information and finding damn little. The temple was a disappointment as I still have no Holy Symbol for my shield. I am more totally pissed at Douvan for chasing these shadows than I ever have been. He is always chasing after the teeny bit of hope that everyone else would simply overlook. I guess this shouldn’t piss me off as much as it does since that is how he found and trained me. I still don’t like chasing shadows of legends through fields of rumor. Tonight, the journey has led us to an archaeological dig staffed with Ghosties and Beasties. I was able to liberate the chief apparition from his wordly chains before he had the chance to harm my company, but it was a close call. The Beasties latched onto poor Rhinehart who staggered beneath their flurry of teeth and toenails. The little dark archer and the sneaky little rogue were able to free Rhinehart from the Beasties without even getting close in. I will have to remember these little battlers with their long bows and throwing stars are most powerful when they are out of range of the opponents that Rhinehart and I would best be involved in grappling with up close. Ah well, off to sleep now. Maybe Douvan will be reunited with us on the morrow…

You know, I feel a strange kinship with this archaeological site. Could this cave really hold the remnants of my dragon ancestors? It holds the scent of familiar, overwhelmed of course by Ghostie, Beastie, deathy smells, but still, somewhere within I may find a history… I hope it is one I can be proud to claim…

Kobold Ambush on the King's Road
The First Encounter

Our young group of adventures has set off to find their missing mentor, Douvan Staul. He has been missing several months now and it is up to them to find out his fate. Two days shy of Winterhaven, the worst group of kobolds you have ever seen tries to waylay them. Unfortunately, one of the poor creatures fell from it’s hiding place, spoiling the surprise. The group was able to dispatch them with only minor wounds.

A little woods lore led the group to the campsite of the kobolds. Careful deduction led them to believe there may be another location where they have been hiding the loot. They were able to identify and mark the tracks for later exploration.

The ranger, Amisana, was also able to fill them in on kobolds. They often dwell near a dragon’s lair, maintaining a safe distance but bringing sacrificial offerings to their “god”. Most dragons ignore kobolds, as a crocodile ignores the birds that pick its teeth clean. Once in a great while, however, a young dragon takes an interest in its kobold cult, which then becomes a real menace to the dragon’s enemies. They are also skilled at making traps, which they use to capture prey and to acquire sacrifices for their dragon lords.

And So it Begins

Douven Staul was everybody’s friend. He had a knack for noticing those with talent. In some way or another, he noticed each group member. He always had a story about some old ruin, or how one of the heroes of days gone by had made a difference in the world. Now he is missing.

He told everyone he was headed to Winterhaven, 2 weeks journey away down the old King’s Road. He had acquired a map that supposedly showed where a dragon was buried. No one believed him but he was convinced if there was a dragon, there might be treasure. 3 Months have gone by. He should have been back weeks ago and now his wife has begged you to look into it. Find Douven Staul, let his wife know his fate, and find the adventure you have been looking for!

Quest: 1,250 XP for discovering the fate of Douven Staul and letting his wife know.


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