DnD 101

And So it Begins

Douven Staul was everybody’s friend. He had a knack for noticing those with talent. In some way or another, he noticed each group member. He always had a story about some old ruin, or how one of the heroes of days gone by had made a difference in the world. Now he is missing.

He told everyone he was headed to Winterhaven, 2 weeks journey away down the old King’s Road. He had acquired a map that supposedly showed where a dragon was buried. No one believed him but he was convinced if there was a dragon, there might be treasure. 3 Months have gone by. He should have been back weeks ago and now his wife has begged you to look into it. Find Douven Staul, let his wife know his fate, and find the adventure you have been looking for!

Quest: 1,250 XP for discovering the fate of Douven Staul and letting his wife know.


Shelexie Shelexie

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