DnD 101

Kobold Ambush on the King's Road

The First Encounter

Our young group of adventures has set off to find their missing mentor, Douvan Staul. He has been missing several months now and it is up to them to find out his fate. Two days shy of Winterhaven, the worst group of kobolds you have ever seen tries to waylay them. Unfortunately, one of the poor creatures fell from it’s hiding place, spoiling the surprise. The group was able to dispatch them with only minor wounds.

A little woods lore led the group to the campsite of the kobolds. Careful deduction led them to believe there may be another location where they have been hiding the loot. They were able to identify and mark the tracks for later exploration.

The ranger, Amisana, was also able to fill them in on kobolds. They often dwell near a dragon’s lair, maintaining a safe distance but bringing sacrificial offerings to their “god”. Most dragons ignore kobolds, as a crocodile ignores the birds that pick its teeth clean. Once in a great while, however, a young dragon takes an interest in its kobold cult, which then becomes a real menace to the dragon’s enemies. They are also skilled at making traps, which they use to capture prey and to acquire sacrifices for their dragon lords.


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