Character Classes

Cleric: Courageous and devout, clerics are holy warriors and healers. If you want to blast foes with divine powers, bolster your companions with healing and magical power, and lead them to victory with your wisdom and determination, play a cleric.

Fighter: Fighters are experts in armed combat, relying on muscle, training, and pure grit to see them through. If you want to mix it up in close combat, protect your companions, and hack enemies into submission while their attacks rain down fruitlessly on your heavily armored body, be a fighter.

Paladin: Devout warriors and champions of their deities, paladins are divinely inspired knights who fight at the front of a battle. If you want to challenge foes to single combat, fight for a cause, and smite your foes with divine might, then paladin is the class for you.

Ranger: Expert trackers and scouts, rangers are wilderness warriors who excel at hit-and-run fighting. If you want to master both bow and blade, vanish into the woods like a ghost, and bring down your foes before they know you’re there, play a ranger.

Rogue: Thieves, scoundrels, dungeon-delvers, jacksof-all-trades—rogues have a reputation for larceny and trickery. If you want to slip into and out of the shadows on a whim, tumble across the field of battle with little fear of enemy reprisal, and appear from nowhere to plant a blade in your foe’s back, be a rogue.

Warlock: Wielders of forbidden lore, warlocks are dangerous practitioners of magic who turn their baleful powers against their enemies. If you want to deal with mysterious powers, scour enemies with potent blasts of eldritch energy, and bedevil them with potent curses, warlock is the best choice for you.

Warlord: Hardy and skilled in close combat, warlords are brilliant leaders who have the gift of inspiration. If you want to lead the battle with the point of your sword, coordinate brilliant tactics with your comrades, and bolster and heal them when they falter, play a warlord.

Wizard: Masters of potent arcane powers, wizards disdain physical conflict in favor of awesome magic. If you want to hurl balls of fire that incinerate your enemies, cast spells that change the battlefield, or research arcane rituals that can alter time and space, you should be a wizard.

This is a reprint from the Players Handbook 4e. All props are given to Wizards of the Coast. This is only to be used by the players in this campaign for personal use. Don’t steal.

Character Classes

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